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Testimonials Over the Years

"Before working with Sara, I was entirely blocked. Now I confidently show up on video and have attracted clients I didn't know were paying attention!

It's such a joy to work with Sara, she really loves what she does."

- Susan

" I have found calm, confidence, courage. She's a straight talker and destroyer of fear and self-doubt." 

- Joel

"The best part of her broadcast masterclass for me is what to avoid. You don't know what you don't know. I came here to support my wife, but I got so much out of it for my business. I'm going to recommend it to my marketing team down in the states. It was a very energetic and insightful class!'

- Greg

"As a graphic designer, I will recommend anyone I work with to take this broadcast masterclass. Video is an extension of your brand just like your logo, advertisement, podcast, tradeshows - it's so important to get how you show up on video on point." 

- Amy B

"Sara was so professional and entertaining in her class, I wasn't sure if the class would be for me, but it definatly was and I realized how important video is for building authentic connections." 

- Ann 

" Such a fabulous class! I just started doing facebook lives and this class really highlighted for me some important things I was missing. My biggest takeaway is how to digitally engage with my audience so I am being recieved. I definatley recommend this class."

- Marsha

"The biggest takeaway I learned in the broadcast master class is when you are looking at the camera to see it as a friend on the other side to develop a special connection. The energy of her class made learning fun, It went beyond my expectations.'

- Kathrine B

" I just wanted to say how amazing you are! I really enjoy coming to your classes and it really pushes me to strive for a healthy body and mind. You make working out fun! I LOVED the yoga classes this month. It's been years since I've gone to yoga but I really missed it. After 3 classes I'm already hooked! I find it really relaxing and enjoy pushing myself in the stretches. :) Just wanted to say thank you!"

- Diana

- "Sara's inspired Transformation workshop helped change both the way I treat myself and the way I view myself which I can't thank her enough for. When you work out with her, it's always over before you want it to be, because she somehow manages to make it fun!! Thank you Sara for being such an inspiration and for just being you!!!"

- Ally

"I've been working with Sara since May 2013. She has a gentleness that I didn't expect in an instructor but she motivates and inspires just by her nature. She is so personable and takes the time to discuss overall health and wellness with all her clients. I enjoy Sara guiding me with her holistic approach."

- Kelly

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sara for over 2 years now, and from the very first time I met her it was clear that she is passionate about what she does. Her excitement and dedication are contagious and in the time that I have been working with her I have learned to push myself harder than I ever have before and as a result, I am stronger, fitter and more committed than ever. Sara has taught me the importance of taking time for myself to focus on my mind and my body and the sense of confidence, balance and wellness that come from that are life-changing."

- Laura

" What I enjoy the most about my experience with Sara is her positivity. She provides constructive feedback and takes time to make suggestions that I can work on. She makes it fun to workout!  Sara listens to the clients she works with, has a great attitude and is a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Sara if you want to feel and look healthy."

 - Kathy 

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