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Marketing from the mat

A Yoga Series for Visibiity

Experience the transformative power of the LIVE recorded series from 2022, now available for replay.

In the dynamic realm of the Transformation Economy, what if we all play a role in marketing, sales, and leadership?

We are all Broadcasters. Our energy resonates with a frequency that reaches far and wide, whether we are online or not, leaving an impact on our world.

Each class begins and ends with a brief discussion on the profound theme of marketing from within and its influence on our culture. Marketing serves as the face of our society in many ways. This practice serves as a reminder that true change starts from within and highlights the tremendous power of our intentions, both on and off the mat.

Immerse yourself in a potent practice that combines breathwork, connection, and movement, enabling a profound embodiment experience for $33 with 6-month access.

Yoga with Sara Sub
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