SDTV EP2: Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Balancing and Healing

Sometimes Letting go is difficult. Especially when a part of us still LOVES that thing. AND Especially when we don't realize what we are holding on to!

This is why I have personally looked for help and guidance from different healing modalities over the past years.

At the end of the day, it is always our own work, however there are many people ready and willing to assist! Thank goodness for that

Each time we let go of something that is no longer serving us a story, a habit, a pattern, a relationship etc (We grow and we find more peace and love in our lives! )


It isn't until we can let go, that we can make space for something new and better!

Today's Episode includes:

- Making Sara DTV official EP1 Welcome to the Conversation - Simple Balance Meditation exercise from Reiki Master - How bringing Balance allows us to let go - Emotional and Spiritual healing and Growth - Over the coming weeks and months I will be hosting some TRULY AMAZING people and healing modalities in my home studio who will be sharing their stories and how it has helped them in their life!

Colour Mirror Therapy Sep 13th 9:30am, Sep 14th 7pm

Quantum Sound Therapy with Crystal Di Felice Sep 8th 7:00pm

Meditation & Mindfulness for beginners making it a daily HABIT with Sara D