The Tragically Hip - Riding the wave of emotion and going DEEP

SDTV Ep2 is all about going deep with The Tragically Hip

It's not goodbye, it's Thank you!

I'm riding the wave of emotion from the weekend and going deep with how poetic Saturday night truly was!

I'm talking about

- Cancer & a change of perspective /EMPOWERMENT - Power of Connection /UNITY - Decoding some lyrics /INSPIRING - How we can honour GordDownie​ by "having a golden vision" - Gord Downie /KINDNESS

They truly are Tragically Hip!

Thanks in advance for sharing your favourite lyrics and what they mean to you in the comments below!

THank you The Tragically Hip​ for your music and service Thank you CBC Toronto​ for going commercial free and broadcasting the concert across Canada

Here are the links to the interviews I referenced in the video

CBC News: The National​ - George Stroumboulopoulos​ -