Saturday Morning Reflections It's a Whale of a Tale

As a visionary, and coming from a broadcasting background, I foresaw the current challenges we find ourselves in.

Specifically regarding what IS truth and WHO to trust!

Understanding that we are powerful creators based on what we are energetically broadcasting (thoughts, feelings, words), we have the power over mainstream media to create new realities.

Trouble is we gave our inner authority over to 'mainstream' broadcasters, and we began to amplify their message, their agenda... and lots our own.

Most of us have forgotten who we really are! MarkeTelling is putting a spin, on the whole, 'go to market strategy', that places a focus on the collective agenda as opposed to just our own.

Understanding that we are all connected, and we are all in this together, it's time to bring balance and harmony to our inner and outer reality if we are to thrive as a species.

MarkeTelling goes BEYOND just a marketing strategy, it's about leadership, it's about collaboration, it's about co-creation and promoting regeneration, sustainability, transformation, prosperity, well-being, ease and joy. All that is fundamental to FLOW.

To FLOW or Fit in, that is the question!

MarkeTelling is all based on FLOW and more about showing who we are Being vs what we are DOing... to make money. TRUST has become an exceedingly important component to any marketing or leadership strategy, and that's why we created MarkeTelling.

First being aware of the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we digest as 'true' for ourselves and secondly the stories we are telling others in our 'marketing'. SHOWing who we are BEIng and starting with WHY and WHO, over Profit, LIKES and VIEWS.

Resonance Sells.

Making resonate aligned connections that leads to real transformation and flowing action for the benefit of all.

The Big Pivot -