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Closing a Chapter with the unexpected!

We weren't expecting snow last night!

It made for an early morning wake up (2:30am ) to odd sounds of what turned out to be our awning about to bust!

Luckily we managed to get all the heavy wet snow off and save the awning.

The fresh snow made for a beautiful drive the next day around the country side as we explored where we will be staying for the winter 2024 - in a rental on the ocean! 🙏🏼

The RV living adventure comes to a close for the season with the beauty and surprise of snow.

Looking forward to closing out a chapter in Ontario in these final weeks of 2023 and starting another new chapter in 2024!

I will be busy editing videos from our journey this summer/autumn and uploading on The WeShip YouTube Channel.

Love sharing the ride & joys of finding flow on the open road. Follow us - link in the bio!



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