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Feeling Green about Visibility

The deep question the colour green 💚asks us, as it relates to visibility in your business, is: Do you love yourself for who you are? Or, do you love yourself for what you do?

The question above is a powerful one to consider… and it is not surprising to learn that hardly anyone focuses on who they are being moment-to-moment.

💚👉🏻This is the opening of my latest article in the Colours of Visibility Column I write for. Colours Magazine

“Every single one of us has been conditioned during the first 18 years of our life, in our first family, then in the education system, to identify with what we do. As a result, all of our attention and resources are invested in getting better at doing. Making a better website. Doing better video. Doing for the sake of doing ends up being all about keeping busy. This is what each of us learned in school - work hard, keep your head down… and trust that if you keep doing better every day… somehow, you will succeed. “

….The Rest of the Article which includes some good journal prompts can be accessed on my website:

To purchase the printed copy send me a dm for the link.


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