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Important Unlearning

“The hidden agenda of life is to bring all beings into awareness of their unity.” - Gene Key 2

We just transited the 2nd GeneKey which to me speaks entirely about flow! What’s not to love!

As we unlearn ways we’ve been conditioned to be - that had us navigate life primarily with our head - we have kept ourselves out of harmony with our true nature and therefore life.

When we get in touch with the power of navigating from the heart and gut/ solar plexus primarily, it brings us into great harmony with our environment and life!

We experience flow, ease and amazing synchronicities.

I also love this quote from GK2

“Synchronicities cannot be forcibly created but flow out it the feminine nature of the 2nd gift (which is Orientation) - in other words, they happen when you are not looking. As your awareness begins to operate at its’s highest biological level - through the solar plexus - so you fall into an easier rhythm of life.”

Share any fun Synchronicities you’ve had in the last week in the comments below!



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