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Life Update in a Poem 🌼

In the dance of life, a journey grand,

An RV adventure across the land.

Canada’s beauty, a sight to see,

Life changed profoundly, now it’s me.

Returned home, a different soul,

Embracing simplicity, a new life’s goal.

Deliciously slow, a pace divine,

Less internet, more heart to find.

“Watch your mind,” the sage has said,

Unravel its tricks, the illusions spread.

Separation, lack, and control it craves,

Yet, I choose the heart, where Truth behaves.

Nature calls, a gentle plea,

Breath and stillness, set me free.

Communing with Spirit, a sacred art,

Directly felt within my heart.

Offline I linger, a deliberate choice,

A digital pause, a silent voice.

Guidance sought for the path ahead,

Online or offline, where I’m led.

A prayer echoes, a holy chant,

In this instant, a peaceful slant.

Accepting truth, divine and pure,

A fabric woven, a spirit’s lure.

Put the phone down, seek within,The answers lie beneath the skin.

Blessed days with remembrance sweet,

Of a true nature, divine and complete.

- poem co-created with AI and I :)



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