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Nourish to Flourish

What nourishes you? Do you feel you have nourished yourself fully?

I believe this is the priority of these times!

This final day transiting gene key 27 is all about nourishment.

Many of us did not get what we needed from our past to grow up as healthy adults on this planet. We can either remain victims of our past or step into our power and make necessary changes internally and externally.

This takes time. In a culture conditioned to look for quick fixes and easy solutions - we miss the point entirely.

I’ve been on 20 + year journey of resetting my nervous system, rebuilding my inner world and completely renewing my identity… over and over

As all the gene keys indicate - our individual identity is merging more and more into a collective we.

The priority in these times is nourishment. It’s slowing WAY down to get into the collective flow of this great paradigm shift.

We are moving through many individual and collective shadows to reclaim the many gifts that lay dormant, underdeveloped and way undervalued.

Knowing our true needs and being able to fulfill them is essential.

Having the courage to let go of environments, people, and habits that aren’t serving you is required.

Nurturing interdependent relationships that empower you to flourish is the new gold.

I love this excerpt from the 27th GeneKey

“You may indeed have to heal your own childhood wounds by becoming a parent to yourself. All relationships give us the opportunity to heal old wounds through sustained nurturing. This is in fact the secret of a happy relationship. If you are not content in your relationships it may be because you have not nurtured yourself fully. Every relationship provides this mirror.”



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