Starseed Series Story 4 - Trust Issues

Updated: Mar 27

Feb 23 2021

Feb 23 2021

I have struggled with the concept of trust for some time, I've understood it was important however I've had various experiences in my life that have left me feeling betrayed, used, attacked or burned.

I have been on a journey back to trusting myself again and again and reframing all the stories of betrayal.

In today's episode, I expand on the meaning of the word 'Starseed', as well as the meaning of other important words to me like unity, relationships, commensalism and entrepreneurship.

I'd love to hear back from you in the comments about how you define the words above and if you have also struggled with trust.


This Starseed Series is a form of expression for me as I journey back to my truest self and as a result raise the collective consciousness and connect with others around the planet doing the same!

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