Starseed Series Story 5 - Unseen Support

Updated: Mar 28

Do you ever struggle to see how you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

I certainly have.

Breaking my ankle this past November felt like a big initiation of sorts. I have been telling myself and those I work with for years now that 'the universe', 'angels' our 'higher self' is always there supporting and guiding us.

After recently going through a darker period in my life where I couldn't quite make sense of what was happening in my reality, I kneeled at my bedside and prayed to my angels before bed. (This is something I've probably only done on my knees one other time in my life).

"Please give me a clear path forward for the highest good of all and myself."

That night I got up to go to the bathroom and with my first step out of bed I fell sideways to the ground breaking my ankle in 3 places and dislocating my heel bone.

That set me on a Big Pivot out of the city (of which I had been thinking to leave), into the nurturing arms of a community I really needed and into my new aquarium with a very clear path forward!

In this video I turn the camera on for the first time in my new space as I prepare it for move-in day and share my gratitude for this life and all the support, seen and unseen.


This Starseed Series is a form of expression for me as I journey back to my truest self and as a result raise the collective consciousness and connect with others around the planet doing the same!

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