Starseed Series Story 8 - Repeating Patterns

Have you ever noticed yourself in a repeat of something familiar?That awareness helps us shift what was unconscious to our conscious mind and choose differently.

We are ending patterns that have been repeating throughout our generations that have lead to destruction and fear.

When we heal ourselves we are quite literally healing the past, present and future for all. Now is the time to create and surrender to our own creations while trusting that we are being held in divine love by a great cosmic mother.

A great affirmation I have been using these days:

(from The Starseed Oracle Guidebook) I allow the deep love of the Cosmic Mother to wash over me. I am loved. I am held.


This Starseed Series is a form of expression for me as I journey back to my truest self and as a result raise the collective consciousness and connect with others around the planet doing the same!

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