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The Power of Colour Frequencies

Do you use colour consciously in your life? If so share how in the comments below!

Colour is one of those easy to miss powers right in our faces.

Either Consciously or Unconsciously every single one of us uses colour therapy.

The colour we paint our rooms, the clothes we choose to wear, the foods we eat… these choices influences us in real ways.

Red: 🌹

Stimulates energy and vitality

Promotes courage and confidence


Enhances creativity and enthusiasm

Boosts sociability and communication

Yellow: 🌻

Stimulates mental activity and clarity

Inspires optimism and happiness

Green: 🌿

Symbolizes balance and harmony

Soothes and relaxes the mind

Blue: 💙

Calms the mind and reduces stress

Enhances focus and mental clarity

Purple: 🍇

Stimulates imagination and spirituality

Represents wisdom and intuition

White: 🐑

Symbolizes purity and innocence

Enhances feelings of spaciousness and simplicity

Black: 🎵

Represents mystery and introspection

Provides a sense of protection and security

Since becoming a Colour Therapist back in 2016, I’m always looking for fun ways to bring it more consciously in my life and those that I work with.

The latest way is with these cool window stick on’s! So fun! I’m always finding our dog Finn 🐾 laying in its rainbow! 🌈


So let us bask in colors bright,

Honour their power, embrace the light.

For in their hues, we often find,

The healing touch for heart and mind.



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