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Client Feedback

 "I've been working out with Sara on and off since 2013. I'm amazed at the changes my body has made so steadily with just a bit of dedication!" - Hilary

" I'm your biggest are the only person who makes me love working out like this. I have become addicted to those get up things and I just throw down and do those whenever the mood hits me lately!"- M. Gallvan

" Just want to say Thank you so much!! I'm surprised how much stronger I'm feeling already. I don't really have to take breaks any more which feels awesome. I'm really working on trying to push myself even harder :) Over the last month I have lost 7.5 lbs!!" 

- Jessica

" I just wanted to say how amazing you are! I really enjoy coming to your classes and it really pushes me to strive for a healthy body and mind. You make working out fun! I LOVED the yoga classes this month. It's been years since I've gone to yoga but I really missed it. After 3 classes I'm already hooked! I find it really relaxing and enjoy pushing myself in the stretches. :) Just wanted to say thank you!"

- Diana

" 4 weeks of HIIT classes with Sara Di Felice and I took almost a full minute off my fitness test time!!! Feeling good, lots of energy and strength in my legs and arms!" 

- Maureen

"Sara's inspired Transformation workshop helped change both the way I treat myself and the way I view myself which I can't thank her enough for. When you work out with her, it's always over before you want it to be, because she somehow manages to make it fun!! Thank you Sara for being such an inspiration and for just being you!!!"

- Ally

"I've been working with Sara since May 2013. She has a gentleness that I didn't expect in an instructor but she motivates and inspires just by her nature. She is so personable and takes the time to discus overall health, wellness and diet with all her clients. I enjoy Sara guiding me with her holistic approach."

- Kelly

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sara for over 2 years now, and from the very first time I met her it was clear that she is passionate about what she does. Her excitement and dedication are contagious and in the time that I have been working with her I have learned to push myself harder than I ever have before and as a result, I am stronger, fitter and more committed than ever. Sara has taught me the importance of taking time for myself to focus on my mind and my body and the sense of confidence, balance and wellness that come from that are life-changing."

- Laura

" What I enjoy the most about my experience with Sara is her positivity. She provides constructive feedback and takes time to make suggestions that I can work on privately, such as my diet. She makes it fun to workout!  Sara listens to the clients she works with, has a great attitude and is a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Sara if you want to feel and look healthy."

 - Kathy 

"Great trainer! Keeps you motivated and feeling great about yourself. Always takes the time to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, and getting the most out of your workout. LOVE HER!"

- Rachel

" We started with Sara at boot camp over 5 years ago and when time began to be an issue, she put together a personalized program for us that not only fits our schedules but gives one hell of a work out in 45 minutes!!

She is a true professional who always encourages and motivates from beginning to end.
Sara provides us with a fun fitness program that is always different."

 - Nikki & Michelle


"After 2 kids, my old work out routine just wasn't cutting it. Sara's

program was exactly what my body and mind needed. Working full

time and with 2 kids running around, I don't have a lot of extra time. Her program fits easily into my schedule and gives me the results I need. The knowledge, motivation and encouragement she shows to her clients, is what keeps making me come back for more!"

- Claire

 " I had the opportunity to work with Sara in 2013, she is an amazing

instructor and I am happy to have had her as a coach. Her upbeat,
positive attitude mixed with an outgoing personality made the class

very fun to worthwhile to attend. She always took the time to help

everyone and ensured things were done properly so no one was

injured during her class. She is a great lady to work with and I wish her nothing but the best !"

 - K

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