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Edited by: Sara Di Flow  

It’s not news at this point in time that there are great changes happening with the economy and our financial structures.


The Wealth Transfer, as referred to by traditional investors, banks and financial peeps, is the estimated $59 trillion of tangible wealth that will be passed down to children and heirs.


While this is all true, there is something intangible at play that is not to be missed - a gateway to a world of magic that allows for a whole new way of doing life and business.


This is what we like to call ‘The Real Wealth Transfer’. In this series Co- Founders Sara (Millennial) and Tim (Boomer) sit down to discuss this ‘Real Wealth Transfer’ in detail and recap the previous 3 Big Series they created (The Big Game, The Big Play, The Big Pivot).


These conversations took place as we were documenting the evolution of the premise and foundation of Flow Network. Most of us were born into the idea that we aren’t valuable just as we are. That we have to prove our worth and work very hard to do that.


That’s caused us to never feel good enough, to always feel behind, and to compare ourselves with a measuring stick to all those around us. The Millennials, however, look to their aging and unhappy, or unhealthy grandparents, parents, planet and politics and have said, “This isn’t working. I’m not interested in following that path and living that way. That is not what wealth is to me.” Millennials and heart-centred leaders, want to do what they love and be with people they love spending time with, even if that means living in a van. To them, that is what’s most valuable. Their time and how their heart wants to spend it, is their definition of wealth.


When we can remember that the inherent nature of this universe and humans is abundance not lack, when we let go of the belief that we humans could ever possibly control the infinite, we can step into our true power, magic, serendipity and flow and create a life on a foundation of real wealth.


This is The Real Wealth Transfer.

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