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By: Sara Di Flow  

Stars that go supernova are responsible for creating many of the elements of the periodic table, including those that make up the human body.


We are literally made of stars! AND

we are the stars of our own life.


Having a broader perspective of what reality is and WHO we really are - helps us understand our innate power and the idea that we have the capacity of becoming more and more of a conscious co-creator.


Many refer to this dance we call living life on earth as a great 'Hero's Journey' - as popularized by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell.


In this way we can see ourselves as artists, crafting our life with our focus and choice. We get to choose the colours and the perspective with which we paint the canvas of life.


Being Human, Being an Artist, isn't always easy, we will face darkness and navigating these challenging times can often feel lonely, disorienting and overwhelming.


We all have a story, amazing gifts and a unique reason for Being!


This is the Transformation Economy.


Community is essential in these times as we all transform and reorient to new ways of being, reclaim our wholeness and find our most unique masterful flow co-creating a beautiful present and future for the generations to come!

Watch Flow Network's : The Real Wealth Transfer for more on this topic with intergenerational and intergender co-founders Sara & Tim.

Space Supernova
Eagle Flying
Watercolor Painting
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