"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou


You know video is key to building trust & making authentic connection for your

business, brand or art...

yet you're either;


  • not confident or clear how to shine & share on video

  •  been putting it off

  • It's not your sweet spot

  • You have been showing up on video and not getting the results you'd hoped for. 

MarkeTelling TM  

is a 'unique to you' methodology to discover your most authentic flow on video, confidently emerge into the online world with the most powerful, highly resonant video + story! 

Together we will craft the most brilliant strategy that builds trust, makes massive impact and connects you with those looking for your brilliance!

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Hello, I'm Sara!

I am passionate about helping way showers share their

true essence and gifts in a world so in need

of their brilliance!

Video is a powerful instrument I've been obsessed

with since I was 10, using it to make art,

AND as a tool of self reflection and self discovery. 

I have developed a method I now call MarkeTelling TM - which emerged from a concept I had of documenting my evolution as a means to demonstrate transformation & to reflect and reverse engineer who I am, who I am not, and how I want to show up and share my gifts in the world.

It was only a few short years before the pandemic hit, I was conducting in person workshops educating entrepreneurs, business owners and artists on the power of video for their business -

to build trust with authentic storytelling, making meaningful connection and conversions. - This is pretty obvious now :) 

I have been passionate about video storytelling since I was a young girl watching my grandparents share video fo their international travels. I saved up my paper route money to buy my first video camera when I was 14 ( before the days of smart phones). I loved editing with tape in those days, as that's all there was and used an old school audio mixer to overlay music.

When iMovie came out with the first iMac, digital editing felt like magic - I was beyond amazed!

My passion has grown to documenting the evolution of the greatest paradigm shifts our humanity is currently going through; the rise of creative, heart-centred leaders. 

I am an advocate for something I've been calling 'The Real Wealth Transfer' - where I see our values and wealth move into the hearts of those doing what they love and truly making a difference in the lives of others and the planet.

I co-founded Flow Network to support this shift. My vision for the Network is a conscious community of collaborative leaders who are catalysts broadcasting and supporting this profound shift of transformation - using video storytelling, education, entertainment and on & offline retreats.

In college, I studied television broadcasting and communication media, receiving student excellence awards from CTV, a major Canadian network. Upon graduation, I worked at CTV as a master control operator before being hired by an international hardware & software tech start-up in the broadcast industry. There, I founded the training department, travelled extensively supporting clients and international business growth and was responsible for video marketing.


I am also a certified holistic nutrition and I have undergone extensive training and development in yoga and human behaviour via colour therapy.

Early on, I was growing communities in health as well as business with a collaborative mindset. I am on the planet to help individuals connect to what fulfils them most and share that with the world. This translates to exceptional results in all areas of life, business, productivity, relationships, wealth & health.

If I don’t respond to your message right away, I am probably in my hammock in a forest, on my SUP board greeting the sun as it rises over the lake.


I love my plants, coffee and warm hugs. 

Thanks for your interest in my story & life's work - I'm confident in working together you will have clarity and confidence to share your gifts, shine and flow on and off video!