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How SLOWING DOWN is the Best way to Get ShiT DONE! AND Get Sick Less!

I hadn't had that runny nose, tickly throat feeling for well over a year.

Coming back home (Burlington, Ontario) after living in Chile and travelling for over a year, It was so easy to get back on that busy Ontario go go go train.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to be back, and with a head full of different plans for life, love and business, but I lost my way a little bit in honouring my me time. This little cold reminded me to slow down.

After recording this video, I just chilled on the beach in the shade for a few hours. It was enough to recharge me! I felt so much better after, and I actually ended up getting everything done on my list, PLUS some!

My cold was gone by the next day! No more runny nose, and the throat thing just went away. I also gargled with salt water, took vitamin C, made some carrot juice and drank plenty of herbal tea and water!

The next time you have a cold, ask yourself how you can honour your me time!

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