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Make time for Play

How much time in your day do you make for play?

On the last day of the transit with Genek Key 3 - , I’m really feeling this excerpt! “What an incredible thing life discovers when it’s left alone to play! …

The chaos of play is to be deeply trusted & revered…

Play is the expression of genius and genius always finds a new solution to the challenges it meets along the way… our only real job is to let go of our seriousness and find the delight in every exquisite jewel that life places before us.”

What if THE priority on this ‘new earth’ is play!?

What feels like play for you?

Feel free to share in the comments I’d love to hear from you.

I love to dance, sing, make up funny songs, these days I’m lucky to have the ocean steps away for epic boogie boarding, swinging in a hammock dreaming up places around the world to explore, talking to nature, making videos, painting, and just flying my wrap in a good wind.

Look forward to sharing excerpts from the next gene key transit and whatever else flows on this mysterious journey called life!



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