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Permission to Die Everyday

Permission to die everyday, even multiple times a day, is a practice I’ve been living after returning from a life changing trip in India and SEA in 2009. - (To the best of my ability) - Some days/months are harder than others and holding on to something familiar is a comfort I need.

This is also the space I give to this world and the relations I enter … to the best of my ability.

Sometimes I feel frustrated or sad that the world isn’t changing fast enough. I also realize we are humans and the capacity for others to see my fullness may be limited, and I too over lay a bias or perception on to others.

It’s a practice to stay curious and expansive to unlimited potential.

The speed at which we allow ourselves and others to grow and evolve is our ability to accept the truth that change is indeed constant and non linear.

And truth is entirely subjective and changeable.

Allow what might feel true today, to be entirely different the very next day.

Trust what you feel in each now moment as valid and sacred and from there navigate this journey we call life.

There are never any mistakes, there is only expansion or contraction - and neither is wrong or right.

Stay curious, detach, flow 🌎💗💫

Sara Di Felice

Co- Founder



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