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Start with WHO Part 2 - So What!?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

So what!?

Taking action when you start with ‘WHY’ - may lead you down a path that goes no where, that lacks sustained ‘success’ - fulfillment / money / love (whatever success means to you) and ultimately back at ground zero. We will come back to ground zero every time we build something that is not based on integrity so that we can look at the foundation of WHO we are BEing.

If your WHY has you taking action from a place of lack, the paradox is that you will never be fulfilled.

Fulfillment must come from within.

From the foundational belief that you are enough just as you are and your action is inspired from a place that is full, unconditional and in service to something beyond you, is integrity.

Often our WHY comes with conditions and attachment to an outcome.

- IF I do this, then I’ll get that.

- If I heal this, then I’ll have that

- If I have this, then I can do that.

We end up getting stuck, frozen or overwhelmed in a shrinking box of conditions.


Start with WHO!

I AM Abundant Love


I Am lacking love (fear, scarcity)

Starting with WHY might have worked in the past, and might work for a bit.

However this new world requires us to start with WHO so we can truly align to the big universal WHY - from a place of Being full, whole, and generously abundant. We are all connected.

Not transactional but truly transformational.

Share and receive vs give and take.

Visionaries, Heart-Centred Leaders - we are here rewriting history, changing the narrative for what it means to be human!

We are here at this time to BE the broadcasts informing and creating a bright future of interconnectedness, harmony & abundance!

It’s not an easy task in a world that doesn’t always feel safe AND we aren’t meant to do this alone!

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