Start with WHO Part 2 - So What!?

So what!?

Taking action when you start with ‘WHY’ - may lead you down a path that goes no where, that lacks sustained ‘success’ - fulfillment / money / love (whatever success means to you) and ultimately back at ground zero. To look at the foundation of WHO you are BEing.

If your WHY has you taking action from a place of lack, the paradox is that you will never be fulfilled.

Fulfillment must come from within.

From the foundational belief that you are enough just as you are - and your action is inspired from a place that is full, unconditional and in service to something beyond you!

Often our WHY comes with conditions and attachment to an outcome.

- IF I do this, then I’ll get that.

- If I heal this, then I’ll have that

- If I have this, then I can do that.

We end up getting stuck, frozen or overwhelmed in a shrinking box of conditions.