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2/22/22 Sacred Mystery

2’sday is creating quite the powerful stir! 02/22/2202

Numbers speak to many of us, especially when we see cool patterns or synchronistic messages.

We pay special attention to the moment and listen or respond with reverence. For those that may not know, I am a teacher and practitioner of a colour system that incorporates the power of numbers called colour mirrors. I use the system myself and when working with clients to decode challenges or blocks that come up along our journey of self discovery. They always have a profound message and divine gift to deliver.

In honour of today and the launch of my yoga show

- I’m sharing the message of G22 - one of the bottles in the system that has called to me again and again over the last 2 years.


G22 - Sacred Mystery

The number 22 is a master number, but with these colours you go beyond mastery into the ultimate expression of ‘mystery’ and explore what the female face of mastery looks like. The Divine feminine is awakening, and her power is capable of birthing a new reality on the planet. This is where power is no longer wielded as a tool of aggression but instead is an energy of potent love and compassion – a true force for change. In this bottle pale olive is married to pale blue, in a perfect synergy of Divine feminine and Divine masculine. These colours tap into the pure power and love of God, Goddess, All That Is and support you in bringing that power and love into your life so that you can experience new levels of balance and harmony. Feel the joy of recognizing that everything in existence is sacred and the true power that comes when you surrender to the profound mystery of life.



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