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Natural Face Mask Recipe

All Natural Ingredients for beautiful skin:

If you, like me find importance in putting healthy whole foods into your body, you probably also want to care about what you put on your skin!

The majority of what we put on your skin gets absorbed into our blood stream. Therefore my policy is; if I wouldn’t eat it, i’m NOT going to put it on my body. I do my best to avoid toxins and chemicals in my life in the ways that I can. One easy and affordable way is to make my own face mask. Sadly many products out on the store shelves are full of ingredients i’d never put in my mouth or my families!

Many cosmetics and skin care products (even products made for kids :( ) are full of toxins, some of these actually dry your skin out and do the opposite of what they advertise, some disrupt the hormones in your body, and others are potentially cancer causing. There are many DIY solutions and companies offering affordable natural solutions. I have posted one of my fav companies below so be sure to check it out!


- 1/3 of an avocado (super moisturizing thanks to the fatty acids, and anti- aging due to Vit C content)

- 1 tsp of matcha tea/or brewed green tea (great source of polyphenols which help prevent inflammation and wrinkles)

- 1/2 tsp of raw honey (anti-bacterial, soothing, moisturizing and healing)

- splash of almond milk (Anti-oxidant Vit E to help free radical aging damage)

- 1/2 tsp of spirulina (if you have, which you should because it’s a SUPERFOOD :) Anti-oxidant and soo many other nutrients, will help with acne and anti-aging)

mix into a creamy mixture and apply to your face, leave on until dry and wash it off!


While you probably could find a DIY for face cleanser and moisturizer, I use Skin Essence Organics on a daily basis instead. The reason I do is because the products are already so affordable, it’s quick and easy! They are also made in Canada with fair trade, organic and truly natural ingredients (in other words it’d be safe if you decided to eat them, lol). Because I love these products and support the company, I have a special discount page which I’d love to share with my readers!

I’d love to hear your results with these products, I know my family and friends have nothing but amazing things to say about them!

GREAT LITTLE VIDEO – Story of Cosmetics

If this whole Cosmetic’s are bad for you msg is news, or even if it’s not news and you have not yet seen this great little video, check it out!

Here’s to your natural beauty inside AND out ! :)


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