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Winning 100% of the time

You know if you play a video game that is just way too easy, or you play a game with a friend and you win 100% of the time... it gets boring pretty quickly right?

I think life works in kind of the same way.

But how do we stay on the winning side, just slightly ahead where the game can be fun, exciting and thrilling!?

You feel, give & receive love... towards yourself & towards others.

Here is what I'm trying to say ...

When a situation comes up in your life that is less than desirable... pause, sit back and breathe in & ooooooout and observe your reaction.

We have to face the facts. We live in a dualistic world.

We can not have 'good' without the 'bad', right without wrong, dark without light. If everything was dark all the time, we wouldn't know light and therefore we wouldn't know it was dark.

If everything was good all the time, we wouldn't realize or appreciate it WAS 'good' ...right?!

AND Sometimes when 'bad' things happen... we realize later on they were actually 'good'... they changed our life path for the better. Similarly sometimes we think something is 'good' and it turns out to be 'bad'.

There is a quote from Shakespeare that I have kept in the back of my mind once I really started to see the truth in this. "Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking that makes it so."

Instead of being quick to judge a situation... stand back and give it space and love.

Many times it's natural for some form of RESISTANCE to come up when situations get 'bad'... which usually creates more problems and pain... At least I've never had a situation feel better by resisting it! In fact when in that state of mind, it seems like nothing goes right!

So how do you move through the 'bad' times, so that you don't find yourself stuck on the 'losing' side... because that's not fun either!

You practice acceptance!

If there isn't anything you can do right in the moment to make the situation more desirable, give it space, give it love.... feel whatever emotions come up.. but without resistance....let it go & ACCEPT what you can not change. Trust the universe/source/god (whatever word resonates with you) has got your back in the long run. Love. Love is all we need...

Love may not be the answer to winning 100% of the time... but it sure will keep life fun, exciting and thrilling! Sending love & gratitude to all of you today! <3

Share the Love & feel free to share this blog.

Sara Di Felice

inspiring one another to grow, and love the life we live.

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