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The WeShip Chapter 3 Final Episode

This Chapter ended May 2023. Almost 1 year ago!

I didn't put any pressure on myself while jumping into RV living to keep up posting on Youtube instep with the journey. It was truly a life changing adventure that I was invested in fully soaking in without force and in full presence.

I'm having so much fun editing these episodes and reflecting on the journey one year later.

As I speak about in my MarkeTelling Method - the power of reflective practice with video is truly remarkable in and of itself, and both Tim and I are experiencing big breakthroughs as a result.

I look forward to continue sharing this epic dream journey as we continue to Canada's West Coast. - Follow the Journey here - The WeShip

In this episode we continue our journey homeward, stopping in quaint towns across Quebec City and Ontario.

From the charming streets filled with music and art to the serene beauty of nature, each moment is a celebration of life on the road. But the true highlight of this leg of our journey lies in the personal milestones we achieve. Watch as I geek out over capturing my first footage with my drone, fulfilling a lifelong dream of combining video storytelling with the freedom of RV life. And in a moment of unexpected emotion, I realize the power of editing while on the move, a testament to the deep connection I've always had with the art of video storytelling. Follow along the journey as we document & celebrate creativity, freedom and self-discovery!



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