Following My Heart Lead me to become a Colour Mirror Practitioner!

I've been going through a lot of change since retiring from my previous career as a group Fitness Instructor.

You can watch that video here and see just how long ago (or shall I say short ago) that was.

It's all been so amazing and incredible to see just how quickly another door (actually several) doors can open just as soon as you say 'no' to something else.

In previous times of my life I really had trouble saying 'no'. I never wanted to disappoint anyone. I also never wanted to disappoint myself.

So, I'd say 'yes' to everyone and 'no' to myself.

This way I could stay within what felt comfortable. I was good at what I was doing, and, I also started getting lazy with it.

Some how my heart wasn't in it as much as it once was. I mean, I loved it, I really loved it. But I wasn't showing it the love that I once had. Can you relate to this? if not with a job or career, with a relationship?

This 'heart not in it feeling' is usually a sign that something has to shift or change.

Either I have to throw something new at it and give it some space to shift, or I have to let it go and move on to something new entirely.

It's hard to know which way to go sometimes. But I believe that thinking about it too long usually makes it worse. We can add a lot of time here. A lot of time and energy that we could be using in another way.

You could call it wasting time, but we really don't have time to waste!