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SDTV EP9: Manifestation Legit or Bullshit

In today's video, I'm talking a bit about my own journey.

I'm sharing who my early mentors were that lead me to a deeper understanding of our reality.

Manifesting is a word that is becoming more and more main stream. But it is just that, a word... the idea that it points to however is very important as we evolve on this planet.

Whether or not this is the first time you've heard of this concept, we can and DO create our own reality. Whether we realize it or not.

I didn't speak about this in the video. But without knowing what I was doing, I've been manifesting since before the age of 14!

One of the first things I can really recall doing at the age of 14 is writing out that I wanted a part time job. The next day my mom found an opening for a hostess position in the plaza she was working in at the time.

I got an interview the next day and was hired on the spot!

After that, anytime I wanted something really important to happen in my life, I'd write it out maybe 100 times. As I was writing it, I'd believe with all my heart that it was already done! No one taught me how to do this or that it would work, I some how knew this was a good idea. And I found out that it did work!

It works when we don't get in our own way!

As a young girl, it's easy to stay out of your own way as you play, not taking too seriously life.

As we get older, we can become easily influenced by our culture, society... other people. We can learn that life is serious. Who are we to create our reality!? Life is hard, full of challenges and serious business.

In this frame of mine, it's hard to be clear with what WE actually want! It's hard to be peaceful and playful about creating!

We therefore MUST dedicate time for ourselves to GET clear with what we actually want! To be peaceful again about life.

When we are peaceful and playful we can create the most beautiful realities.

I've gotten much better again at getting out of my own way. To get clearer and clearer with what I actually want. And WHY!

In this state things happen a lot faster!

This requires a lot of trust in the beginning, but after a while you will have enough proof, that trusting just becomes second nature!

I have some other thoughts about manifestation that I didn't mention in this video. This word is getting thrown around a lot lately! I have another way of looking at what is actually happening here!

I'll save that for another video :)

Either way, our thoughts create things. We must realize this and choose wisely :) <3

The tools that I've mentioned at the end of this video will help us at getting out of our own way, even when in many cases these blocks happen at a subconscious level!

much love xo

feel free to reach out and find me on


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