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SDTV EP11: Life after Death Discussion

In this video I'm reading a page from the beautiful book "The After Life of Billy Fingers" By Annie Kagan

I would say I wish I knew about this book when I was a young girl dealing with panic attacks around life and death!

But I likely would not have believed any of it to be true at that point. It likely would have spooked the crap out of me. Hell I wouldn't have even picked the book up!

It's the experiences I have accumulated over the years that allowed me to read this book and not only believe it and enjoy it, but actually relate to it. And I can say NOW, after having gone through that time in my life (questions, fear, panic) and come out the other side, I'm actually quite grateful for it all!

The other side has such a peace, joy and love I can appreciate from a whole other level of understanding and appreciation.

And I'm happy to share my beliefs and perspectives based on all the research, studying, travelling and reading I've done over the years.

I'm also happy if anyone has similar stories or other thoughts on the subject they'd like to share below!

We are limitless infinite beings of love here to create, have fun and explore!

What we learn in this life we can bring to the next, the creation fun and love is never ending.

Much love


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