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SDTV EP12: Magic Real or Illusion

I'm aware enough and in love enough with that idea that life is super fun, exciting, surprising, mysterious and magical.

ALL of the things that make living life here on this earth, in this physical reality a blessing and a treat.

When we stay too focused on the idea that we must know everything, we often also get caught up in taking on too much of the control of our lives. Trying to plan a bit too much into the future, or putting too much of our focus on how things went wrong or could have gone better in the past.

When this happens we often loose most, if not all of the magic.... In which case, if you have watched this video or read these words, you will think i've gone a bit mad :)

Stay in the moment,

Stay in awe,

Stay in wonderment,

Feel the joy in the simple things,

give it your deepest gratitude

and WATCH the magic unfold

Much Love

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