Recap Week 3 What's Your Capacity for Success

Post WeWork Shop # 3 Thoughts - As a society, we have waited until the last minute.

The Rise of Depression, The Sea Levels, The Economy, our Leaders - There is ALOT OF shit flying around in what we are calling the 'SWAMP'.

It is in the SWAMP however that we are forced to understand WE ARE ALL SUPER HUMAN!

Similar to a person waiting to get sick before they decide to take a new action.

We have come to understand what life is really about. The Creators of our reality! Except we have been playing victims instead of empowered conscious creators!

We created the shit unknowingly, and it has worked for us paradoxically. We've learned what NOT to do, as well as what we DIDN'T WANT, as well as a pretty cool planet with things like technology enabling us to connect, manifest and simplify our lives even more.


We live in a mysterious world that is unknown. NOTHING is as it seems!

We came here to play with the unknown. I

f you played a game of Chess and knew every move you AND your friend were goign to make, would you still play?

That’s the gift of this earth experience, MYSTERY along with these physical bodies that house our spirit and soul which leads to the perceived ability of PLEASURE, WONDER and MAGIC!

The point is to LOVE this journey AND if you aren't, you'll likely find yourself in the swamp. You have a choice to either LOVE IT & ALL of yourself, OR resist, fight, numb or any other FEAR responses.

At Flow Network we believe NOW more than ever we have to hang on to our LOVE.