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What do you really want? What is your 2020 Vision?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The Dark, the light, it's all alright!

In fact, contrast is needed in this dualistic reality we find ourselves in.

We wouldn't know what we wanted, if we didn't know what we didn't want. We wouldn't appreciate the POWER in flow, if we hadn't experienced the 'fitting in'.

This is what #TheBigPivot is all about!

We are pivoting away from fitting in, from living a life that has kept us small and inauthentic with unconscious behaviours! it's time to FLOW and live life with effortless ease and grace!

Compassion is key in this pivot, to hold your energy in a state that is love... to broadcast love to your present, to your past and to your future!

We are all connected and co-creators of this 2020 and beyond Vision!

To flow or fit in, that is the question!


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