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[SDTV] Hosts Burlington Community Meditation

When the warm weather comes around, we will be here at the compass in Burlington's beauty Spencers Park.

This was an evolution after many solo meditations at the lake.

With the Maharishi Effect as my inspiration, I decided to open to the community to join me in meditation's Sunday's 11:11am for a short 10 min meditation.

To gather together in a judgement free space, to embrace our humanness & place our intention on cultivating peace and love.

With the understanding that peace out there will never happen if we do not have peace in here.

Love out there can not be felt until a deep love inside is cultivated.

Self Love.

We create heart coherence when we are at peace with our true nature.

When we feel accepted, honoured and celebrated.

When we are doing what inspires us.

Join us in the great outdoors besides the wonderful Lake Ontario!

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