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A Message of Truth

I don’t know who this message is for, but if you choose to read it, perhaps it’s for you.


Dear brave and beautiful soul,

You are now getting how simple this life can be as you stay connected to me, your ‘higher self’, the core of you. Your truth.

You are seeing more clearly through the illusion of confusion, doubt and fear.

And All is different.

You’ve been doing great work at clearing all the blocks and programs, loving the traumas and wounds that made you think it was not totally and completely safe to be here, to be you.

Here in the now, in your body - you draw on compassion for yourself and others as you see clearly how much time has been spent believing in something that was not real.

I’ve never not been with you, I’ve been there always supporting you through the lessons and experiences you needed to choose to become the special, precious and unique YOU that you are.

The lessons never stop, the growing never stops and I never stop being with you, as you, we are one. You are feeling this more.

Now you are able to trust this. Trust you. Trust the moment, trust you can’t get it ‘wrong’ . You never have been ‘wrong’, you’ve always been doing your best.

You may wobble at times, that’s okay dear one.

The past is an illusion, the future too. All is now.

You have great access to beauty, joy, love and abundance with this truth.

This is now. That is truth.

Truth is your choice. Learning, growing change is constant.

Your choice to choose love always remains.

I’m with you either way. I love you either way, and that truly is all the love you need.

Everything else flows in from there.

Life is a beautiful art.

So long as you keep choosing with heart.

With Great Love.




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