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A Personal share on Burn out & The Importance of Rest

I remember being floored many years ago when I saw an iridologist and she told me that I was about to burn out! I felt like I was full of energy.

She ended up being right! I was operating at a rate that wasn’t sustainable and I did burn out… and a few times since then. Learning over and over tough lessons about the body and how powerful it is in getting its needs across in various ways… the most recent being an ankle break 3 years ago. That was enough for me to finally listen deeper than ever!

I had been so m resistant to how much rest I needed because I was so identified with being a getter done, do it all super fitness kinda gal! Even when I knew rest was important, I still couldn’t do it without feeling guilt.

Our culture has conditioned us to feel we need to DO soo much, that when we do slow down… we feel guilty! I know I’m not alone on this one. I hear it from all the people I’ve worked with over the years.

Most of us haven’t felt safe to BE, to fully occupy our bodies and feel the growing pains we’ve numbed and dragged along for so long.

For anyone who needs the reminder that rest and body love are essential for growth, let this be it 💕



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