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A Reflection on a Powerful Reflective Night

A powerful night of reflection & healing I’m sharing again - a fb memory from 2 years ago -

Because I love the picture and the words shared…

The picture of the magical space I called home for 2 years 💕 It was really a tough space for me to let go of when I made the decision to embark on Full time RV living with my business partner.

This space was my cocoon & the first place I really called my own in my hometown… as a single independent woman.

The words speak to my upcoming rant series - While I’m not doing 1:1 right now - I am prepping for doing my first MarkeTelling™️ Group Program Jan 2024!


Words from then - Sep 2021

What if we are all ‘marketers’ - wether we have a business, brand or not?

We all have a story and we all have something to ‘sell’ - selling is how we serve.

Are we serving up love or fear?

Marketing is how we show up in the world - on & offline.

Are you buying what you are selling?

This past full moon I took lots of time to dig deep and reflect on where I was still holding back, keeping myself small, doubting my gifts and purged like crazy lots of old ancient stories - (I believe we carry stories forward from our ancestors). - I spent lots of time loving & nurturing my dark parts.

I have never felt more aligned with what I’m serving up to the market - and it’s been my experience when we really step into our biggest dreams, we will also have the opportunity to let go of a lot, this part can be uncomfortable and often support is needed.

I know I couldn’t have done this alone and I am so grateful for Sharon & Tim of Light-Core and founding members of Flow Network for there deep support 💕

Community is key in these times!

Do you feel aligned to your soul calling and in your power to affect change with your story?

This is resonance, resonance sells and it’s owning your unique story as a super power to affect great change on this planet. On & Offline!

If you could use some help with your resonance and stepping into your soul gifts and owning the value of your story - I invite you to my MarkeTelling™️



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