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A Reflection on my Cocoon Phase

How do you trust when you’ve lost self trust? The importance of the cocoon phase! 🦋 I remember That time I lived in Toronto 🇨🇦 during COVID. I had moved there 9 months before the lockdowns with big dreams to start a new business. When things didn’t go to plan and many surprises surfaced - It became one of the most challenging times of my life. At the same time it was one of the most beautiful. I was consciously letting go of an old life. I was cocooning, the lockdowns helped me realize I would need much more time in that cocoon than I realized. I spent a lot of time in nature, amazed at just how much of it their was in Canadas largest city! SUPing and hammocking at Cherry Beach, biking along the shoreline, sitting staring at the water from my condo that was meant to be a co-working space (much bigger than I needed just for myself) I was in this densely populated city and yet spent most of my time alone… anonymous… Relearning, remembering, becoming. I am so grateful for the time and how the experience stretched me so much, at times beyond what I thought I could take. If you are in a cocoon phase and or things aren’t going to ‘plan’ - here is your sign to trust the process 🙏🏼💕✨💫 #trust#toronto#cocoon#naturelover#rebirth#flow#trusttheprocess#insideout



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