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Broadcaster Vibe Check ⚡️

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Vibe check! ⚡️

We talk about it all the time here at Flow Network - We are the Broadcasters of our reality! Our vibration emits a frequency that affects everything outside and around us! It’s exciting times for those of us who have been awake to where the true power lies(inside us) - and it’s disorienting and scary af for those just waking up.

We have 2 new shows launched this year on our Broadcast Network

1. - Saturday’s at 2:22pm EST

The Sharon Hour (Pre Recorded)

- for those just waking up, Sharon shares her awakening stories and resources she’s developed over the years to stay grounded and centered through crises and challenges. Sometimes she brings a guest, sometimes she sings, she is currently navigating a cancer dance and it’s all very much about flow.

2. Sunday’s 12:12 pm EST

The Leaders Live Roundtable

- Bringing community leaders and creators of all ages and backgrounds to the table to discuss a relevant topic for the week. The intention of the show is to inspire the celebration of diversity, unity, and serendipitous cocreation! We then extend an invite to our communities to join in the conversation by getting on video and sharing their perspective on the weeks topic sharing in our FB group - @FlowNetworkCommunity with #FlowContentCreation

This is a video challenge created to inspire those feeling called to share their voice yet perhaps face barriers (like we all do) to showing up on video - the most common and surface barrier - just not knowing what to say - is removed by having topics given 🙂

You can join in anytime!

Week 1 - Gratitude

Week 2 - Values

Week 3 - Vision

Week 4 - Letting go

Week 5 - Balance

Week 6 - Unlearning (this weeks show)

- and feel free to check out more of our content and free resources on



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