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Can Uncertainty be Beautiful

Can uncertainty be a beautiful thing?

These times are no joke!

‘Uncertainty, a beautiful thing’ - you might be thinking rrrrrrright!

Yet the reality is there has never been more uncertainty in our world and for many of us this can be terr


This jump point from our old world to the new requires a massive leap of faith. The leap is believing in the beautiful, even amongst the darkest and chaotic.

What we focus on expands.

If you are here in these times, consuming content like mine - then you just being you and embracing the new (even resisting) is part of the great change!

You really do just have to be you! Yet when we are in the throes of terror or darkness it can be easy to forget how simple it all can be! I know!

Uncertainty is always going to be part of life and it really can be beautiful when we are able to genuinely relax and trust what’s unfolding in our life. When we trust it’s happening to wake us up to what’s true. To what’s wholesome, beautiful and whole.

I love what Richard Rudd says about Awakening - ‘A major part of what it means to be awake is about being willing to play the full role we are given at birth.’

A question I ask myself each day is how can I be more of me? Lately it’s been a lot about embracing and loving with the deepest compassion the part of me that feel terror, insecurity and other more ‘ugly’ and taboo things.

How are you feeling about uncertainty?

Are you in resistance or embracing?

sending much courage and trust to anyone in need! 💫

You are beautiful!



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