Disorientation in The Resurrection of new reality!

This video appeared in my FB Memory from 1 year ago today, and is very synchronistic for these current times, as well as my podcast shares over the past couple of days.

Not all of my facebook lives have made it to my youtube space or blog, today felt like a good time to upload this video.

Below is the message from one year ago, and here is the message for today:

The old world is dying, and therefore parts of ourselves.

There is a disorientation period.

A grace period also.

To use our imagination for what we really want moving forward is key!

Here is a message from a year ago when I was feeling disoriented after the death of my old life.I always have been at least a year ahead of ‘the curve’.Do you find yourself pushing and resisting what is happening?

Or are you being pulled to rise to something better than you could have imagined from your past self!


APRIL 22 2019