The Spring is emerging and so am I.

I feel like I’ve been in a phase of goo, like when the caterpillar is in the stage of becoming the butterfly.

With patience, determination and at times challenge and confusion.

The becoming can feel like a longing for that time when the wings give us that feeling of freedom

And yet...

I decided to allow myself to feel the freedom even as the goo.

What if that’s what evolving it’s really all about.

Every moment is perfect.

Not longing for some other out there time, but understand it is here now.

In whatever form that presents right now.

This winter and all of 2020 To me has felt like this initiation to remembering the freedom that’s always been there.

Even as goo, even in lockdowns, even with a broken ankle (yes I had to break my ankle to really get this).

To honour all phases of the becoming, and realize I was always free.

Free to be me Free to create structures that work for me Free to share my voice Free to believe an intangible inner knowing

I know that anything and everything I create, comes from this inner world and inner knowing - and I want it to