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EP 3 - Bring it! Heart & Soul Sales [Marketing & Leadership Rant Mini Series]

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Join Sara in this brief yet powerful episode where we explore the urgent need for genuine human connection amid the digital noise.

We discuss the challenges of fear and distraction, highlighting the importance of infusing heart and soul into our online presence.

I'm thrilled to announce an upcoming workshop in January 2024, a culmination of years dedicated to authentic video sharing and thought leadership. More than techniques, this workshop is about embracing the soul behind every interaction. It's about selling and offering something that genuinely lights you up, aligning with your soul work and infusing authenticity into the digital landscape. Amidst the noise and gimmicks, we urge a return to our core human values.

For passionate souls nurturing their unique voices, it's time to shine online authentically, breaking through fear and distraction with sincerity and purpose.

Let's rediscover the true essence of online marketing and leadership, paving the way for a more meaningful online experience.

This episode invites you to step into authentic leadership, embrace the power of your unique story, and offer something that truly resonates with your soul, lighting up not just your path but also the paths of others online



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