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EP1 - Right Timing: Navigating the Waves of Online Expression [Marketing & Leadership Rant]

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

EP 1 - “Right Timing” - Navigating the Waves of Online Expression: Insights from Sara's Marketing & Leadership Rant Series"

Episode Description:

In a world where everyone has a camera, internet access, and a voice brimming with opinions, emotions, and judgments, the burning question arises: When is the right time to express yourself in the online marketplace?

Join us in this thought-provoking episode of the Marketing & Leadership Rant Series w/ Sara as we delve into the nuances of online visibility and self-expression.

Sara's journey has taught her that the answer isn't a straightforward "yes." While we certainly can and often do put ourselves out there, we must also consider the profound consequences of our online presence. Visibility, as Sara emphasizes, is a concept often misunderstood in our culture. It's not just about showcasing our external selves but about getting intimately honest with our inner world, with our own personal truths.

In these transformative times of healing and awakening, true leaders emerge as healers who lead by example. They become the change they wish to see in the world, sharing their stories rather than imposing judgments. In this evolving landscape, known as the transformation economy, it's imperative that we examine the narratives we weave for ourselves, the messages we send to the market, and our alignment with our authentic truths.

Success, Sara reminds us, isn't solely defined by the old-world, patriarchal standards that have been ingrained in our minds. It's time to question those notions and craft a personal definition of success that resonates with our unique path.

One powerful question echoes throughout this episode: "Is this my time to step into the marketplace and shine?" Whether the answer is a resounding "yes" or a reflective "not yet," there is no room for shame in our choices. From the perspective of the soul, all unfolds in divine time.

Join Sara in this insightful exploration of self-expression, visibility, and success in the digital age, and discover the profound wisdom that can guide your journey in the ever-evolving marketplace.


About This Series:

Marketing & Leadership Rant w/ Sara: Redefining Leadership - Conversations on Empowerment in an ever evolving landscape.

Have you ever found inspiration in the midst of a passionate conversation? We certainly have. Welcome to an enthralling new mini-series by the co-founders of Flow Network!

Our journey into this series began with an unexpected twist – a business partner, a camera, and a trove of thought-provoking questions during one of our impassioned discussions. What followed was the birth of an exciting exploration into the worlds of marketing, leadership, and empowerment, subjects that have ignited our fervor for decades.

Our shared passion was reignited during some of life's darkest chapters, and most recently, as we stood by our business partner/soul family during her final days, battling cancer. It was then that we decided to embark on a transformative journey, crossing Canada in an RV, in pursuit of renewal and discovery.

This mini-series offers a distinctive perspective, seamlessly interweaving the sagacity of the old world (boomer/male) with the fresh insights of the new world (millennial/female). It's a dynamic collision of generational and gender perspectives, culminating in surprising revelations about business, marketing, and leadership practices.

Through heartfelt conversations and story sharing, our mission is to ignite the spark within you to embrace your true self, both in business and in life. We invite you to accompany us in this mini series, as we delve into the realms of leadership, empowerment, and the art of marketing in today's ever-evolving landscape.

Prepare to redefine leadership and embark on a new trajectory for your own journey.

Welcome to the ‘Marketing & Leadership Rant Series’ 🔥🚀 #RedefiningLeadership #Empowerment #MarketingJourney



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