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Fitting in vs Shining Bright

What is that pressure that so many of us feel to conform and fit in to societal norms as much as we may feel like a rebel inside?

‘True style cannot be measured by materialistic trappings nor can it be faked. It is the natural flowering of your individuality. To find your own style is to be yourself without concern what others may think.’ - Gene Key 8

The gift of gene key 8 is ‘style’. Richard Rudd uses the word to describe the quality of one’s consciousness. Does it think and innovate, or does it conform and maintain the status quo?

In the realm of social media and self-expression, embracing your true style is paramount. Your authentic voice and unique perspective are what set you apart. Don't be swayed by external opinions or the need for validation.

Let your individuality shine through your content. Share your passions, quirks, and ideas without fear of judgment. By expressing your true self, you inspire others to do the same and foster genuine connections.

It might feel scary at first, but keep going!

Dare to be outrageously you, and let your inner light illuminate all those around you! 🌟

Share a comment below about how you express your individuality in your daily life. 🌟🌸



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