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Flow is the Future

Flow is the energy of the future.... Well technically it's the energy of the now. What does this have to do with business?

Many of us have been living completely outside of flow as our culture has mostly not supported this way of living.

What used to work is no longer working. Many are at a crossroads.

Our business foundation is more about WHO we are being and less about what we are Doing. Doing is still important obviously, but it starts with WHO and Where we are Being.

Some important questions to ask in these times.

What do I value now? Am I living that now?

Am I able to relax? If not how can I begin to bring more of this energy into my life and business?

How much of my day am I living outside of flow in either the past or the future? How can I bring more presence to my life?

Our energy is everything in this new world (it always has been, it's just that things are moving so fast it's becoming more clear to see).

It is because things are moving so fast, we actually need to move slower. We must be able to relax, to be still, to listen to our true needs, values and vision.

Our energetic state will ripple into the success of our life, business, family, community, and future.

Join me Tuesdays 9am LIVE in the Facebook Group @FlowNetworkCommunity for Free and short Chair Yoga Practice. We will focus on stillness and bringing more vital energy to ourselves.

For anyone who could use more support navigating these times Flow Network has created a multi chapter series called "The Hero's Journey' and the first chapter is free - link in the bio!



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