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Flowing with Purpose: Embracing Mistakes & Defining Your Success!

What if our greatest achievement in life… our highest level of success is to simply love who we are and to accept that ‘mistakes’ are just apart of our journey!

I’ve been on a journey the past several years really getting to know who I am, and all the ways I carried shame or guilt for what I really needed in my life and all the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made.

Trying to keep up with a timeline, goals and others definition of success that had nothing to do with mine made me really sick, depressed and stuck.

It’s why I’m so passionate about talking about the concept of ‘flow’ (living in your unique rhythm and path) and truly being leaders of our own life!

How do you feel about achievements?

Ps - this was a reel I created months ago and forgot it was in my draft folder until now! Thus lots of shots of Costa Rica and warm weather ☀️



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