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Following the Gene Keys

Last summer I started consistently following the Gene Keys and diving deeper into Richard Rudd’s beautiful work and words! I’m always amazed at how the themes and rhythms of the Gene Key (GK) cycles resonate with my journey.

It has become a system I use at the forefront of the guidance I share with others as well.

For months now, I’ve considered sharing some insights on my Blog and Social Media relative to the GK as I/we transit each key…. and…Today feels like a good day to start.

If you are on the path of consciously embracing your higher purpose, I invite you to tag along.

"To follow your initiative is to step off the beaten track and to follow the dictates of your own inner being. There is no safety net when you follow your own destiny in this way - it is a giant leap onto a path that no one else has ever travelled. The mass consciousness is both in awe and afraid of those who follow this path in life. The collective way is the way of security, but the way of the individual is mysterious and fraught with uncertainty… it is the only path to true awakening. It is not possible for a human being to awaken without first stepping fully into their creative independence.’ - GK 51



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