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Following your Purpose even when you aren’t 100% clear

Last year I started sharing some of my favourite quotes from the Gene Keys as we transited each one every 6 days. This year I've decided to include the I Ching and make video reflections on them. I'd love for you to join me on this introspective journey!

Are you embracing your purpose, even amidst uncertainty?

Consider a reality where nobody truly comprehends the grand design.

What if our journey is about following those gentle nudges within, wholeheartedly committing to them without knowing their ultimate destination?

Could it be that our purpose isn’t a quest to be completed, but a revelation waiting to unfold?

Perhaps it emerges organically, like a flower blooming in spring, as we authentically share from the depths of our souls and simply allow life to guide us.

Musings inspired by the current Sun Transit (GK 27) & other Intuitive Themes.



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