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Grieving the past to make way for a bright future

Grieving what was ♾ a dying planet 🌎💗

The dying planet being one that hosted beings of 3D fear-based programs with old ridged ego-based structures causing separation and division of humanity and to the true value in our inner compass and connection to Mother Earth 💗

Time to reconnect to our hearts , it is truly where the home is 🌎🌟 and what unites us all 💗

Raising the Vibe requires us to drop guilt, blame and shame for knowing not what we do, so that we can create something new.

BEing yourself live prosperous & free Share your story on

@5DTV.Network 🌟

#documentingEvolution Want to share your story on our network? send us a pm for an application! #unity #community #inspiringlove #meditation #raisethevibe #authenticity #leadership



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