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Pause & Enjoy

What do you do to prevent YOU from enjoying pauses?

What do you do that causes you to miss out on the finer things in life?

2 great questions Richard Rudd poses as it relates to Gene Key 24 that we just transited.

I didn’t get a chance to sit and read this GeneKey as I’ve been in transit myself back to Canada from the remote cabin I’ve been staying in the past month in Costa Rica.

I’ve taken a pause from the life I’ve known to be in a greater stillness.

I listened to the audio recording on the plane home yesterday. GeneKey 24 is all about the journey from addiction to silence. Where silence is pregnant with potential, with harmony with invention!!!

Most of us are uncomfortable with the silence, a pause, the void. We miss the potential of re-invention by turning to addictive behaviors or patterns.

I just love how he states the above questions. A powerful way to contemplate our addictive patterns - and then pause to hear/ to see the silver in the lining of a cloud.


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